I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based artist, whose works can be found everywhere from private residential and university art collections, luxury hotels and corporations like Harvard University, Google, LinkedIn and Apple, to art galleries, public venues, and art shows across the U.S. and around the world.

A painter and abstract photographer, my art is hugely inspired by my travels all over the world and deeply influenced by nature and meditation. My passion for travel and sharing my travel experiences with new people is what I translate into my work.

My work is available for purchase as paintings on canvas, works on paper, prints on fine lithograph, and as a collection of art notecards.

I’m also frequently asked to do commissioned works for individuals’ residences and workplaces. Creating a commissioned piece of artwork requires a great deal of trust and honest, in-depth conversation, and it’s a true honor to be invited to create a special commissioned work of art that clients will love and be inspired by everyday.

I’m also passionate about introducing new people to the world of art, and to help bring more art into their lives I host a salon series in my studio and regularly participate in Open Studios and public art exhibitions. I actively support charitable causes as well, by donating my artwork, helping to enhance art education in schools, and hosting arts and culture events at my studio. I’m particularly passionate about supporting efforts to expand access to education to educate and empower women and girls all over the world.