New work: The Meditations Series and More! / by Sahba

Meditation in Violet and SteelAfter months of effort in the studio, I am delighted to announce a new series of work here on the site, my Meditations series. These pieces reflect my interest in the interaction of sensory perception with the viewer's mindful sense of "being present".

Joe photographing my new workThe colors in these new pieces are astounding, and you really need to see them in person to get their full effect. Many of these pieces are 30" by 30", although some are larger, and all are mixed media on canvas. 

I enlisted Joe Decker to help photograph these new pieces last week, and we've been working since to get them up on the web site in time for this annoucement.

Love is Blue 2

In addition to the new pieces in the Meditations series, don't miss a new Monochrome piece, Walking on a Dream 1, and two new pieces in the Crush series, Love is Blue and Love is Blue 2. 

Please take a closer look at these new pieces, and let me know how they make you feel. I think you'll enjoy them!