Entering Into A New Idea / by Sahba Shere

I'm taking a quiet moment in my precious art studio. I am dreamily looking at my painting Transition Into Zen 82x60 floating on my wall.

This is my space where creative exciting new ideas are born. This is a place where my friends and colleagues gather, exchanging beautiful stories , deep thoughts and exciting discoveries . I am very excited about a new big project I am starting for 2016 ... Seeds have been planted! Stay tuned! 


On the left  Transition Into Zen        acrylic on paper 82x60. On the right  Monochrome Diptych 3  mixed media on canvas 60x80.

On the left Transition Into Zen   acrylic on paper 82x60. On the right Monochrome Diptych 3 mixed media on canvas 60x80.