StartUpRising's Lucy Keoni by Sahba Shere

It was a real honor and pleasure to host this extra-inspiring conversation with StartupRising's Lucy Keoni! Our guests greatly enjoyed discussing how to ensure that the technology and venture capital ecosystem truly reflects and supports America's diverse array of entrepreneurs and innovators, and hearing Lucy's remarkable personal journey that fuels her passion for doing this work. Learn more about her excellent efforts


The Healing Power Of Art by Sahba Shere

A few months ago, I was delighted to donate a painting to the Kaiser Santa Clara Oncology department in honor of my talented arts writer friend Elizabeth Schwyzer Smith  - in memory of her dear father. We've been deeply touched and gratified to hear this week from Kaiser that patients, families and staff are enjoying this painting and hope it continues to brighten everyone's day. It is a meaningful way to remember him and also bring beauty to the lives of other people who are facing difficult illnesses. 


UBS 2016 Women's Leadership Conference by Sahba Shere

Such an inspiring and enjoyable morning discussing "Art as an Asset Class" at the UBS 2016 Women's Leadership Conference, together with John Berggruen Gallery's Tatem Read and SBFA's Stephanie Breitbard!


It was wonderful meeting and sharing my story with so many dynamic and talented women with a heartfelt interest in art... and artists!


Sahba's Salon: The Art of Indian Classical Dance with Shubhra Sinha by Sahba Shere


It was such a privilege to host the talented Shubhra Sinha! She spoke about the richness of Indian Classical music, dance, and culture and we got to experience her incredible performance ! 

Thank you to all who came! I'm filled with gratitude from your feedback about my latest Spring Series. It's always wonderful and inspiring to spend time with like-minded people.  I look forward to seeing you again at the next salon - stay tuned! 

Cheers,  Sahba


Back from a trip to Colombia... by Sahba Shere

 Spring 52x52

Spring 52x52

The most beautiful parts of life are still unfolding. My amazing trip to Colombia reminds me how I'm in love with countries, cities and people I've never met. My time in Bogota and Cartagena has reignited the sensuality of colors and depth to my paintings...

Sahba's Salon: An artful evening with Stanford Fellow Daniela Pinheiro by Sahba Shere

File Mar 14, 4 14 39 PM.jpeg

Greetings everyone!

What an inspiring, candlelit evening at my latest salon with special guest Daniela Pinheiro , an award winning journalist and Stanford Knight Fellow! It was a provocative conversation exploring the future of journalism, technology,  culture and philosophy - and so fascinating to hear about her coverage of the Democratic and Republican Primaries!

Thank you to all who came- the turnout was amazing! And a huge thank you for the beautiful feedback of my latest paintings!  As always, it is such an inspiration to spend time with like-minded people and I look forward to seeing you and your guests as my Salon Series continues.  Stay tuned for the announcement of my next salon!

My inspiration to host these gatherings comes from my wonderful family. Growing up, my parents regularly hosted dinner parties and artist salons in our home, where I was fortunate to be constantly surrounded by fascinating and creative individuals, inspiring performances and stimulating conversation. It is my great pleasure to open up my artistic home to my friends, their friends, and their friends' friends for the same!

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Please also feel free to spread the word to like-minded friends who love art and the art of conversation! The more, the merry are welcome to these invitation-only gatherings, so please be sure anyone interested signs up on my website at

If you have salon speaker/program suggestions, please DM or email me and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to creatively connect!